I’m in love. With tiffany jewlerry and mulberry bags. I have expensive taste for a teenage mum. But everyone has the right to dream eh? There are no rules in dreams. So i’m slowly gathering a wish list for when i win the lottery 🙂 and whilst browsing the web i ended up nosying at wedding stuff, convinced i’m getting married on a beach? pah. That’s gone out the window!


So to start the wishlist;

#1 The Mulberry suitcase! Supposed to be going a girly weekend this year! and this is gorgeous, however i think borrowing my mums debenhams one is going to be more realistic 😉

#2 Another gorgeous Mulberry, not co-ordinating with the suitcase but still! Absoulutly lush!

#3 Hint dropping to the other half for our anniversery! hint hint 😉

#4 I am absoulutly desperate for a vintage pocket watch, none of this top shop mass produced crap. A proper original!

N.B i have this obsession with original jewlery, for example my engagement ring (also hint hint) must be unique! Pricing doesn’t bother me but it has to be different 🙂