Finding out i was having a baby at 19 was probably one of the toughest challenges to deal with. It meant having to give up the life i had previously and devoting everything to giving the best future to this tiny little person who although small demands so much. Having to move out and grow up was tough but i loved every minute of it. From organising all the finances of renting our own flat to just making sure the washing was done. Motherhood is what i was meant to do. I have so much respect for the girls out there who give it a go & don’t just expect it all handed to them on a plate. If you have a baby you have to do it right, you have to give that little person the best possible start and have the respect to do it without the expectation that someone else is going to spoonfeed you, because if you need spoonfed then you are defiantly not mature enough to handle spoonfeeding someone else. I’ve had to put alot on hold this year, going away on a girly holiday has become one night away in London. Going to uni has become studying from home. Nights out have become a monthly thing. I’ve been frustrated, angry, confused and estaticly happy all at the same time and i couldn’t think of anything better. Sure i envy the girls who can do what they like, can spend what they like and live how they like. But when i spend sunday mornings cuddled up in bed with my boy and my princess either side of me there is no other way i’d rather spend my life. So here’s to the future, it’s not gonna be easy but having a challenge makes you more motivated, and my success will be the greatest revenge to those who doubted me.