Everyones new years resoulution should be to never use that phrase again.

A new year shouldn’t be about a new you. Because frankly; everyone is fabulous in their own way.

(I am of course excluding the evil in the world, they should just be sent far away. But this is a happy blog.)

2012 for me is not going to be about changing, but about achieving.

2011 – part one was bad. Having said goodbye to my gorgeous nan.

2011 – part two however brought moving out and welcoming my gorgeous little girl.

2012 for me is going to be all about the ups! Getting back into studying, watching Princess grow and most of all saving for that all important house i’m lusting after!

Interior design is my ultimate passion, closey followed by fashion (Which as much as i love i am sooo bad at transfering to myself, add that to the list of things to acheive ) and i intend on using this blog to track my likes and dislikes over the year!

So welcome to my world! It’s very small, but it’s cosy and a rather lovely place to be 🙂